Upon crossing the 30-year-old threshold, I, Jessie Black, have decided to dive into the travel industry headfirst by starting Go Goat Getaways, LLC. After working as a manager at Starbucks for over 8 years, I knew it was time to take my extensive customer service experience to an industry where more passion lies. From the age of 14 when I went to what is now the country of Eswatini to being blessed with trips to the Bahamas and Greece growing up, I was very privileged to start traveling at a young age. Then, his Georgia girl’s dream was to go to California for school, so even though trips became domestic trips across the country, I was regularly traveling a few times a year.

After my time in California, the frequency of my traveling decreased until I started following the band, Billy Strings, in 2022. Following Billy reminded me of why I love travel – the adventure, the people you meet, the learning of cultures, and so much more that comes from stepping outside your front door with a suitcase packed.

Because I love sharing incredible experiences with anyone I am able to, I am SO ecstatic to be able to bring travel to you! Us Billy fans call ourselves “goats” and true goats do all they can to help others whenever they can. That is why my goal is to provide you as the customer with the highest level of service to my ability within your price range!